Pine, fir, spruce, douglas, to: pallets, crates and packaging of all types, construction, structural beams, decoration, gardening. We produce 120,000 m³ of lumber which guarantee our service commitment to you fast and efficient, according to market demand, however high it may be.

• All our products guarantee quality and origin of sawing sustainable forest management, PEFC - Sustainable Forest Management.

• All wood treatment includes anti-fungal origin. • Drying: We have 6 dryers with a total capacity of 800 m³ of sawn wood and 9.500 pallets.



The Pallet Timber company cooperates with leading local and international logistic companies and offers fast and safe delivery within the Europe and Scandinavia.
Convenient geographical location of Latvia provides fast and economically advantegous delivery by all means of transportation (land, sea, air) to any place in the world.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write us on, our manager will reply you as soon as possible.

Adress: Kauguru Iela 10, LV-1046, Riga     Phone: +371 66164362