Sawdust\Splinter chips

We produce more than 26. 000 m³ of Sawdust per year for different uses: Natural binder for compaction of chipboard and DM. Structuring for the treatment of manure, the basis for plant substrates, animal bedding, etc... Once dried, granulated, compacted and cooled, PELLETS are ready Pine and fir chip

To obtain cellulose pulp, used in papermaking. For the manufacture of chipboard and semi-finished products for the furniture industry and decoration. For the production of heat energy (heating, etc.). A renewable fuel and eco-efficient



The Pallet Timber company cooperates with leading local and international logistic companies and offers fast and safe delivery within the Europe and Scandinavia.
Convenient geographical location of Latvia provides fast and economically advantegous delivery by all means of transportation (land, sea, air) to any place in the world.


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