Euro\Epal pallets

Pallet EUR EPAL The warranty is recognized by the following characteristics:• The left block, bears the trade name of the " European Pallet Association" -EPAL- • The letters EUR on the right block.

• In the center (RENFE) is read which stands for railway station and the country's initial (E), the manufacturer’s (PALLET TIMBER COMPANY) with the last digit of the year and two digits for the month of manufacture. • Normal nailing. • Timber inserts with chamfer. • Antifungal treatment and Phytosanitary Compliance, according to the International Standard ISPM 15.

Measures of four way :- EUR Pallet 800 mm x 1200 mm: Deckboards (number) Name - Dimensions (mm)

3 blocks - 145 x 145 x 78 : 6 blocks - 145 x 100 x 78 : 2 deckboards - 1200 x 100 x 22 : 1 central deckboard - 1200 x 145 x 22 3 perpendicular stringers - 800 x 145 x 22 EURO-PALLETS produced by EPAL licensed manufacturers are inspected under strict quality procedures at regular intervals.



The Pallet Timber company cooperates with leading local and international logistic companies and offers fast and safe delivery within the Europe and Scandinavia.
Convenient geographical location of Latvia provides fast and economically advantegous delivery by all means of transportation (land, sea, air) to any place in the world.


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